Challenging Ministry

                       O! Lord, You will ordain peace for us, for  indeed,  all that we have done, You have done for us ( Isa 26: 12).  By the special call and grace from God,  some of our sisters doing their ministries in a challenging way. They are giving peace and compassionate love of God to the people who are very needy  and separated in this world. Our challenging ministries are as follows ..

City Evangelization.

   In this modern times this is a  ministry of  reachinChallenging Ministryg to the unreachable. Sisters stay in a  particular city in a  rented house with minimum facilities. They move around and extend their hands to the needy ones. They work among migrants and do the necessary for their spiritual and physical upliftment. They also deal with family problems like divorces etc. Seminars, workshops, awareness programmes etc are arranged in parishes and villages. When there are social issues they co-operate with the programmes arranged by the church and government.

Being with the Aids Patients.

 People are frightened of Aids. Even though  there are sisters who are ready to be with them. Usually we work in the centers for aids patients. One of our sisters Sr. Regi who is working fulltime for the aids patient . The aim of this ministry is to  make them aware that there are people who care for them.  When they reach the last stage palliative care is given so that they could go back to heavenly world very peacefully.


    We have sisters working in Leprosy asylums especially in Thirumudikkunnu. Treatments, dressing etc are given to the patients. More than the children of these lepers are given education by the sisters. Awareness programmes are conducted for the patients. To earn their lively hood they are helped to rear goats, chicks etc. Vocational training is also given thus to make them self sufficient.

Prison Ministry.

    People inside the bars are in desperate situation. There should be somebody to help them and guide them to accept that condition. We have a group of sisters,  keeping in mind that these  are also children of God, ready to spend time for them. Evert Sundays Holy Mass is arranged and both catholics and non- catholics are allowed to participate in that the celebrant priest give inspiring homilies and some prisoners are really moved by that. On monday Thursday the service of washing the feet is also done in the prison. Sisters also help those who come out of the jail to stay in rehabilitation centers arranged for them. During special occasions with permission cultural programme are also conducted.


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